8 Tips to Sell Your House During Winter

Let’s face it, winter can be a tough time to sell. With so many people busy either getting ready for or recovering from the holidays, there are less families looking to buy a house. If you have your house listed during the wintertime, here are a few great tips to help you show buyers everything that your house has to offer regardless of Colorado cold, snow and ice.

Winter House Denver

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1. Turn Up the Heat

            You know that cozy feeling you get from stepping inside of a warm home out of freezing temperatures during the winter? Create that feeling for potential buyers by turning up the thermostat right before a showing. Another idea is to prep your fireplace for a fire before you leave and tell the realtor to light it before the showing begins. A fire in the hearth is an inviting touch that potential buyers will be sure to appreciate.

2. Let the Light In

            The winter months in Denver are often cold and dreary and windows can appear more dirty than usual, cutting out all the natural light in your house on short winter days. Keep your windows clean, inside and out, or hire a professional window washer to save some time. Be conscious of the lighting in each room; upgrade light fixtures, replace bulbs and make each space feel bright and airy.

3. Leave a Few Treats

            Especially during the holiday season, the aroma of holiday cookies and other baked goods helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for buyers. Bake a pie or a few cookies just before a showing so the aroma stays behind and leave some baked goods as a treat for the people viewing your home.

4. Be a Little Festive

            When you go to setup lights or decorate your tree, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. A few festive touches here and there are a fantastic addition for winter sellers, but don’t over do it. Excessive lights, ornaments or goofy holiday lawn additions can be a turn off. Remember, you’re showcasing your house so don’t hide or crowd the space with too much holiday decor.

5. Set a Realistic Price

            During the wintertime there is less competition on the market, but most people are aware of this and will be highly motivated to buy. However, they will also be expecting to get a good deal because they assume that you are also highly motivated to sell. Counteract this by setting a realistic price right from the get-go without too much room for negotiation.

6. Salt and Shovel

            Curb appeal is a little tougher to manage during the winter with snow and ice, but one thing that will make a big difference is keeping your property well maintained. Salting for ice and shoveling snow off of your driveway give the appearance of a well-kept home, and make it easier for buyers to get in and out.

7. Add a Little Extra “Cozy”

            Along with a warm fire and sweet aromas, add a few more cozy touches to your house that will help buyers imagine themselves in a relaxing atmosphere. Toss a soft throw blanket on your couch, purchase a clean new welcome mat, or turn down the comforter in your bedroom. These small details will help buyers feel more at home, especially during the winter months.

8. Appear Meticulous

            Asking buyers to take off their shoes or wear shoe covers (even if you usually wouldn’t) during a showing gives the appearance of an owner who takes great pride in their property. Removing clutter from living spaces to create spacious and neat rooms is another way to show sellers you care about your home and want it to remain spotless.

If you’re in the Denver area and getting ready to put your home up for sale, give me a call and I can help you get started. Hopefully these tips give you a great starting point… contact me for more ideas and advice for selling your house during a chilly Colorado winter.


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